Saturday, 2 January 2016


 At list three motorbike  were this morning sate blaze and other destroyed when rival groups crashed in Kibera slum Soweto village as tension remains high in the area.
The two groups named  Mashimoni and Soweto crashed as they accused each other for working with criminals behind criminal activities in the area.
Police move in  to cool them while the destroyed motorbike were taken to the nearest police camp in the area attracting huge crowd among them the rival group who wanted to revenge.
The drama started when armed youth start  burning motorbike as they destroy other with pangas and hummers as members of the public cheers and watch from far.
Those who refused to surrender were slashed with pangas  those injured were taken to hospital in serious condition.
 Soweto  Mashimoni road was none going zone as police officers hover around ready to take action.
 The incident took place  at the time tension is still high in the area over the killing of police officer during Xmas festival and the shooting of three deadly criminals in the area.
The rival group had threaten to revenge and set blaze remoter bike belonging to criminals
 As this was happening police saved top Kibera witch doctor from members of the public who wanted to set him on fire accusing him of  conning him by claiming that he can heal those with sexual weakness.
 According to  villagers apart from conning them the  suspected had been taking away there cell phone for unknown reason.
 The suspect was taken to the nearest chief camp under heavy security as villager  cry for his blood