Monday, 28 December 2015


Criminals are reported to be  advertersing fake houses in Nairobi with major objective of conning members of the public.
 The suspect   who are reported to be smart looking are behind posters scattered around the city on buildings and on road side, while other  p[ut them in newspapers  because they are being protected by there God fathers.
 Following the incident agents and care taker of some buildings are warning members of the public to be aware of posters on road side because they risk being conned.
 Already  Nairobians had been conned over fake  house in Magiwa and Ngumo by using fake posters
This is happening with the knowledge of Nairobi County goverment, but source told media that those posters are placed at night and is the responsibility of city hall to remove them.
 Apart from houses both Nairobians and people from other Countries had been cooned over fake houses and plots, and Nigerians are  among the suspects over fake houses and other properties