Monday, 28 December 2015


At list apolice officer was gunned down and another man seriusly injured by bullet when deadly gang of youth took over control of Kibera slum on eve of Xmas festival.
The officer who was on patrol was pumped with over 10 bullets in what had been twermed as  revange of the killing of the group leader who was  most wanted on police list.
The injured man was  shot by youth  near highrise when he refused to surrender his smart phone according to eye witness who talked to media at the scene of incident
The victim was treated at Kenyatta national hospital and allowed to go home
The are are reported to have  erected road block in Kibera slum Soweto on December 25th and demanded money from members of the public and thopse without money forced to  surrender there mobel phone.
The evening incident  shocked Kibera residence who called police  officers who arrived later, but in rejoynder they pumped bullet  at one of them before running away with his weapon
 Source told  media that the group was revanging there leader who was killed by the officwers recently and they had already give warning to the officers that they will revange.
 One of the officers  who was injured during Xmas raid and di not want to be named said the group   were well  organazed and armed with morden weapon and  called for action before it is too late.
  Avillage elder  said  police had list of  wanted criminals based in Kibera while the criminals had list of  officers   whom they wants to kill.
 Following the incident polixce officers swang into action but no seriusy arrest was reported by the time of going to press.
 Speaking to media at his office the area chief Patrick Adira promised to call serious of baraza in the area with the major objective of addressing security matters and appealed to residence to report suspect to the nearest police station.