Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Madmen had invaded Hyrise and  the nearest slum in Kibera slum ahead of  Xmas and new years festivals.
  The villagers thought that the group were drunker or under drugs but things are changing day and night.
  The said group normal hover at highrise scavanging for food at the dust bin and doing fun things.
 One of them former drumlist of local sukuti group by the name  Mukulima recently shocked villagers when he eat live bird which he picked from Nairobi  drum.
 The victim hovered around with the bird in the area before eating it as members of the public cheer. Mukulima was  artist for hre during the last general election, currently he walk without shoes or wash his clothe.
 Another victim is to witchdoctor from Soweto  who currently eat from dust bin among others.
 The area chief Patrick Adira  confirmed that the number of madmen in the area is rising.
  The group are seen even hovering at the nearest chief and police camp in the area,
 The villagers blame the incident on drugs and too much of  traditional beer in the area.