Tuesday, 22 December 2015



  Scholars book lovers and writers last geathered at German Culture Center in  Nairobi to debate ianTony Mochoma book  Nairobi night Guide.
The debate titled conversation with writers was in response to Prof Evans Mwangi harsh criticsim on the book who sale had rised up at the city major book stores.
Speaking during the  date Elphas Nyamongo ofGerman Culture Ceter said the major objective of the historical dabate was to give both Scholars and book lovers chance to debate Tony book face to face adding that since Prof Mwangi  generated the debate Tony book  is now best seeling.
 He pinted out that since the debate  book lovers  had rushed to the shops top o buy the book with some bookshops selling the last copy with only 9 copies remaining at German Culture Center in Nairobi adding that very soon they will re print the book due to public demand
Prof Mwangi   debate had put Tony who is also Nairobian writer to World map because the book is also online.
 Presnt during the debate was visiting english Prof Mikhail  Iossel from Rusia who also praised Tony book which tickle social issues  in Nairobi at night and call upon other Kenyan writers to write more book on Nairobi.
  Others  were Dr Tom  Odhiambo University of Nairobi Dr Shiundu among others  who difended Tony book and on other hand praised Prof Mwangi harsh critic because had made Tony Mochoma astar and appealed to Kenya  to give there friends Tony book as Xmas  gift.
 On his hand Tony  said he will never forgive Prof Mwangi because he is using his sharp been to kill his writing  talent.
  Prof Mwangi kicked the debate which ranged for over two month which is historical in Kenya  reading class very interesting the debate was not in one paper but both daries.
  Following the debate Nairobian   in which Tony  writes is likely going to attract more readers who are keenly following  Tony writing,