Wednesday, 13 September 2017


 Deadly Cholera outbarke had been reported in Kibera slum as hawkers zooms to cook on roadside at the same times animals looming in the slum.
Two people  and achild had so far been treated at Mbagathi hospital and  allowed to go home but advised to  maitan cleaness and boil water before  drinking.
Anothe rvictim died at home  before being taken to hospital according to villagers and those who removed his body from the house
One of the victim just freash from the hospital said   he consumed madas  and chapati from  the nearest hawker in Soweto road side from high rise and start feeling unwell followed by vomiting before being rushed to hospital.
 In the same area achild was  rushed to hospital after vomiting and also  treated and allowed to go home
 Hawkers had  invaded  high rise road side which they had turned into open cooking space even after warning from medical officers while goats and pigs looms in the slum from Soweto Higrise to Laini Saba,

Wednesday, 23 August 2017


 In the morden society ducumenting of history is very important because those interest in find it easy  to understand you deeply.
For example Western personalities including musicians are well documented and atht is why they easly make impact at any given  social envorement ,
The  Spice Girls are among Britains  most well docuement and there contribution to development of music cannot be forgotten in ashort awhile.
Being the Britains most succesful pop band ever, everyyone knows who they are everyone can sing along to there sweet smash hit singles and everyone has an answer to the question who your favourite spice Girl
Real Life Real Spice, The Official Story. By the Spice Girls is  example of the book which show the power of ducumenting history in the morden society of social meadia full of fake life story and fake news.
The Spice Girl fisrt book Girl Power was anumber one besller of the time  and an international blocbuster which sold one million copies worldwide and has been translated into dozen of languages.
Girl Power was thre manifesto telling the World all about the international phenomenon of the  Spice Girls there music there personalities and there beliefs,
Now Rael Life Real Spice goes back to the very beginning of the story to paint apicture of the five very individual young women.
Together with there brothers and sisters  they talk about there early lives how they got together and worked at there career and how it felt when  superstardom.arrived
Real Life  Real Spice is about that avery upcoming Kenyan musicians should read if hoping to make impact on both local and international scene


Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Two common  Nairobi wild flowers named Governor Sonko and the other one WR Esther Passaris
 as part of Operation Nairobi Green danger of plastic papers awareness.
 The two flowers are known of growing as weed and taking care of them selves
 more  about the projector to support


      Nairobians who are lazy to weed or have space to waste
      now have can grow two common flowers that have been
     growing in some parts of the city without care.
      The two mighty be from different family but they share
       some   features the two which i recommend to be grown
        especially by poor Nairobians who cannot afford western
      The two whose botanic names can be difficult for locals
       are known with different ca lour  of there flowers and harm
        the do to urban farmers
      The creeping one  whose flowers are white had been given
       local  name Esther  Passaris because the shine in the morning
       and its flowers dies up late in the day,I call it E Passaris because
       Mama taa light the city at night and is known of   being
         happy or the time.
       The other one with pink flowers  and grown from tuber
        had been named Governor Sonko due to its bell shape
        For Nairobians when Sonkos water trunk pass by it
        seems as if somebody had rig the bell.
        More about those flowers which can grow dry dry season
          and there both English and botanic name will be known
           later as part of Operation Nairobi Green and Kenyanazing
             and domesticating some with flowers

Monday, 21 August 2017


Arts and culture writer turned urban farming promoter francis ilahaka based in Nairobi  working on
wooden garden  which is being introduced to urban farmers in Nairobi to replace garden in the  sucker introduced by French students. Wooden garden is better  given that plastic papers had been ban in Kenya
In the other photo white beans being grown in wooden garden at Railway line vegetable garden in Nairobi. The garden will soon launch danger of plastic papers use under the banner SAY NO TO PLASTIC PAPERS,  According to research there will be more plastic papers in  Ocean  than fish of the year 2050.


We’re very excited to share the latest update on the progress of Project Sunshine.
1. August 4th - The supplier delivered the poles to the Diepsloot Philile Pre-School. These poles will be used to mount the solar streetlights. Next will be the delivery of the solar-powered streetlights no later than the middle of August 2017.
2. August 23rd - Community members are taking the matter into their own hands and starting to collect petitions to demand local municipality to power the community using solar energy. Greenpeace volunteers will be there to support this initiative.
3. September 9th - is the date of the official inauguration of solar streetlights. We plan to have door-to-door campaigns in the Diepsloot community to spread the message about contributions made by hundreds of people to their community, and the solar streetlights and how they will work.
South Africa is celebrating the Women's Month and, to commemorate we caught up with Jenn Coles, the CEO of the Philile Foundation. Get to know the woman spearheading the foundation and what inspires her here.
Stay tuned for further updates.
This is how we will create 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

organic seeds

          Railwayline vegetable garden in Nairobi
          to launch organic seed and nursery as
           part of  community seeds and seedling
          The project will be based in Langata sub
           County of Nairobi at aplace to be selected.
          The garden had been producing seeds and
           suckers  under community seeds  production
            and giving them free to poor urban farmers
             and Schools in Nairobi with the major
             objective of improving kids diet.