Friday, 7 July 2017


Wednesday, 5 July 2017


  Uganda woman who was swept to Nairobi dam recently following heavy rain in Nairobi Kibera slum is suspected to have married to two men without the knowledge of one another.
 The matters comes  public when one of the said men chased  and blocked  another man from going to city morgue claiming that he was the real  husband of the Uganda women who was also changaa dealer
Drama started when the body had just been fished out of the badly polluted Nairobi dama, but it was just when they wants to transport it to the mogue when a strong Uganda man arrived and chased mpango wa  kando who was sitting near the women as he shouted iam the true husband of this woman and the father of the kids.
Members of the public watch as the victim  walk away to  take matatu to mague because he was also blocked from using the same car.
According to the villagers the mpango wa kando who was chased away was staying with the woman and they wondered where the father of children was by that time.
 The women was recently transported to Uganda for burial  per  Uganda traditional for water victim
 The warn was swept  by water in Kibera slum when Kenya Railway fance under construction fall on them he and  unknown numbers of her customers perish.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

MAN run away with funeral money

Kibera  residence this morning flatten structures belonging to a man that is suspected to have run away with money made for funeral arrangement in Western Kenya
The dram in Kibera Soweto attracted numerous people as youth demolish the structure on Railway line
The whose name withheld is suspected to have run away with money raised for funeral after cheating them that he is going to hire   a car,
According to the villagers the dead man was residence of Kibera and died in Western Kenya while on medication and it was traditional according  to Luhya culture for his friends to rise fare  so  that they can a  attend 
The villagers had warn the man in hiding that action will be taken against him if he ever steps in Kibera again.
He had been in hiding since last week and the burial was held last weekend in Western Kenya Kiisa
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  Three people  including awoman changaa dealers were yesterday killed by water in Kibera slum following heavy rain.
  The two are reported to be the customers who were taking  late day drink.

 woman whose  name was given  as Arene
Both were  drown by water which flatten wall under construction  around Kibera Railway  by  EPCO construction.
According to witness  heavy water flatten the wall forcing water to swip there house to wards Nairobi dam.
The victim children were save at one of the villagers home and  where stll  shaken by med day.
 The body of the woman was removed by villagers from the badlly polluted Nairobi dam and carried to the venue at Kichinjio.
 By mid  day villagers were still  searching for the remaining two bodies one of them  whose name was given as mzee Chacha.
 The inciden happen at the spot where local photograher Felex Masi took award winning photo of a school on the river.
 The figure is likely going to rise following news that ahwker is also missing as is supected to eb in Nairobi dam.
 When we visted the scene only one police officer was there guarding workers removing stones used to construct the wall.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Whictcraft and conmen posing as pastors had invaded the city of Nairobi and otherparts of the Country ahead of this years election.
The witch are reported to be cheating politicians that theyhave power to attract voters  at agiven few and some of them are reported to be cashing alot of money and driving expensive cars and yet they were poor the other day.
Going around slums of Nairobi there are numerous posters annuncing the arrival of deadly and power witch from many parts of the Country and even from East African region of Tanzania Pemba and Uganda.
It is traditional for witch crft to invade the Country mostly in the city ahead of election and apart from witch pastors also join them in conning politicians and yet the law bars politicians from using witch to attract voters
ilahaka francis

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

boys rapist arrested in Kibera

 Aman suspected to be among gang that had been raping young boys was last week arrested in Kibera slum Mwembeni village.
The man  from Western his name withheld is reported to have sodomize school boy in his house during days time
According to the villagers the man shoe repair had sodomized over ten boys in the past without the matter being reported to the authority
The boy told residence that the victim used sweet to invite him in his one roomed house and later raped him.
The victim shocked villagers after being beaten by claiming that boys are free from the deadly killer HIVAIDS and asked forgiveness.
The matter was reported to Kibera DOs office and the victim will be taken to court soon.