Tuesday, 5 January 2016


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victim of motorbike incident in Kibera slum dies as rival groups create zoning

FRANCIS ILAHAKAi <francisilahakai@gmail.com>
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to thenairobian
   It happens like 19  century classic and within 15 minutes residence of Kibera slumin Nairobi  were counting destruction and one dead.
Saturday morning will remains history as the day when armed youth armed with axe and hammers took over control of Soweto splinting motorbike oil tank and setting them on fire as the owners run for saferty.
 According to the witness the group arrived at the venue of the  srime singing and without saying  any word three motorbike one on fire  as the owners beg for mercy.
 Before the action they sate on one of the  ride with pangas and axe ling him seriously injured but later dies while receiving medical care
The victim was accused of stealing motorbike belonging to the rival group and after taking back the bike which they recovered from him they beat him and sate fire on the nearest motorbike.
 On seeying danger the riders speed off to the nearest Soweto police post but it was too latebecause by the time over three motorbike were on fire and   numerous   destroyed by splinting oile tank, they were luck because most of the tanks  were emperty which so only seat being destroyed by fire.
 The angry incident which motorbike ride in   shock happen  few meters from post post.
One of those whose motorbike were  razed by fire told media that he boughtit on December 26 to be destroyed seven days later.
 Each group accused each other of stealing motorbike from the area and selling them to other parts of the Country and warns that those behing the business  will lost there motorbike by fire and themselves  beaten up.
 Following the incident the rival groups had create  zoning in the slum which is  likely going to affect the business.
  Both riders and villagers blamed the police of not taking action on time because the tenting was in the slum one week  earlier.