Tuesday, 5 January 2016


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nguvu ya kiume witchdoctor escape mob in Kibera slum

FRANCIS ILAHAKAi <francisilahakai@gmail.com>
5:54 PM (0 minutes ago)

to thenairobian
Youthfull witchdoctor over the weekend escape death in Kibera slum Soweto for conning single ladies of there phone cells and money.
The victim whose name wa sgiven as Omari was saved by polce officers and villagers from members of the public who wanted to sate him on fire.
The villagers had already brought with them praffin when they police arrived and took the build up withcdoctor maganga to police station to record statement.
 According to the villagers Omari  told  over four single ladies that he had power to ommands there husbnad back to theer house if they paid them  given amount
The ladies did not have money and Omari  asked them to surrender there phone cells never to be seen back nor there husband to return even after performing the deadly charm.
 Since then they had been looking for untill when he was spotted in the slum forcing the victims to sound alram which attracted villagers armed with stone trye and parraffin but he was luck because of police action.
 He is among  dozen of witch waganga who had flocked the city due to the forth coming election next year
 Omari was  lso accused of conning members of the public in the name that he can store both manhood power and womanhood respective nguvu the kiume na kike.
 They claimed that he conned avictim ksh 50,000 by claiming that he can store his manhood power  after paying and eating he goat private parts, baada ya kuchomewa makei ya mbuzi, since then the victim had been looking for him.
 Apart from that he claims that he can make weak business strong and uyet he is poor himselve.
 The matter is now at  the area police post  were he Omari jot the statement.