Tuesday, 3 November 2015


   Local and  Society officials  musicians are worried about fake music materials which had flooded Nairobi streets and other music outlet
 Currently tapes are selling between Ksh 30 and 50 instead of the normal price of between Ksh 500 and 800 because nobody is  not in the position of controlling the sale of fake materials.
 According to former Music Copyry Society of Kenya  director Nairobi County CDM Kiratu himself musician  Copyright Board had totally failed its responsibility to take action against those selling fake music materials which is robbing the County millions of shillings per year while the musicianms die poor.
He pointed out that Copyright Board under Dr M Ouma is the only  organazation with power to take action even arrest and take the offenders to court while  Copyright Society role is to collect royalities.
Instead  fake music dealers are using ther chance to boost there trade  due to the power strungle among the collection organazation who wants to prove who had power to collect royalities which MSCK  had been enyoing for man years.
 Like other local; musicians Kiratu beleives that first step is for the gorverment to   stem CD  re writing  which he termed as criminal offence,
 Local musicians mostly gospel are on  support of promoting the same of fake music   materials some of them are  armed with master tape and late in the day the burn few and sale them between Ksh 30 and 50 shillings in order to  get bus fare.
 Musicians fear that it will be difficult to fight the sale of fake music  meterials because  some of there members are sale fake tapes and pirated ones.
  Ones you tell criminals nibanie  tatu nina mteja he will burn 10 and more because you had surrendered to him master tape.
 According Kiratu both  Copyright Board and MSCK should organaze workshop in order to create awareness on the sale of fake music materials.
 because  the offenders are strong and with money like drug dealers  while they ear than composers.
 Kenya is becaming gate way for fake music materials in East Africa because they are allowed to sale at the capital city and re write CD  with action being taken against them.
 They traget best selling musicians like the late Franco, other Congolese musicians Tanzanian and late musicians in Kenya like Kabaka, Fadilli Fundi Konde among others.
 The  materials are not only sold in Nairobi  but in other  Countiesa like Kisumu and Nakuru is graveryard and they are doing in front of the owners and those who rise alram are beaten.
 In Nairobi at Muthurwa and Gikomba tapes  are sold like Sukuma and you will be  get shocked that new songs are ending on the street befor the official realese, forcing some musicians to fear producing new songs to Kenya market but instead prefer to perform at public function.