Thursday, 29 October 2015

toilets under construction at Mcmillan Memorial Library in Nairobi flatten

Nairobi  County government had  been forced to flatten toilets under construction at McMillan  Memorial Library in Nairobi.
 The commercial toilets were being constructed at the Library which is education center for numerous Schools in Nairobi and researchers  from or over the World.
According to the source  the Library is only the venue f reading books but not for commercial center which included pay toilets,
 The move comes as scholars calls on the government through Ministry of education to educate members of the public on the value of heritage in which   the Library is under.

Mcmillain Library was  established through  cap 217 of 1931. The City Council took over the Library in 1962 and the name changed to city Council Library service 
 It is the section of social service department and it  provides Library and information services to Nairobi residents
The action put Nairobi  County education dept into bad position over heritage and education related issues