Monday, 9 November 2015


         Shadarack Kimale Primary head teacher Mary Mukasa had appealed to informal Schools in Nairobi to work with public Schools with the major objective of improving education standard in the city
  She pointed out that their is no different between students from slum and  other areas in the city as far as education is concern.
 Mukusa made the remark at Glory  primary School in Kibera during parents day   where she was chief guest.
   In order for this to be achieved Mukasa told head teachers and School management to take sports and other activities seriously in order for students to have chance of meeting students from other city Schools. adding that sports is the lonely easy way of socialization.
 Speakers after  speaker appealed to parents to team up with administration during holiday time in order to keep students away from videos and other  social venue like drinking den.
They accused video  owners for allowing schools going kids to watch dangerous movies which ends up exploiting them. adding that some video  are dangerous like drugs and schools kids can not be allowed to watch.
Mukasa was invited to laini saba based School to witness the performance of slum informal Schools compared to public schools  in Nairobi
Speaking at the same function parents appealed to the government  through Ministry of education to reduce  some  payment and also make sure that primary School kids are not using same  exercise books with Secondary Schools and Colleges as it is those days