Monday, 9 March 2015

tension in kibera as villagers beat up motorbike riders after accident

illage  was knocked down and seriously injured by speeding motorbike in Kibera slum Mashimoni village last night.
 According to witnessed the  victim   Somali of Kenya origin was knocked down by speeding motorbike who  speed away after the incident fearing members of the public who wanted to  sate fire on him.
The victim  with  swollen head was rushed to the nearest hospital  by members of the public
 Following the incident  Somalis in  the area organized and start to beat motor bike  owners  in the incident some bike were destroyed.
There  was drama when they stopped motorbike and beat up   riders  as there passengers  run  away  without paying fare.
Tension was in the area as  members of the public joins them in   beating up motorbike riders whom they blamed for over speeding and over charging them and  threaten t more action against them
 The rider who knocked down the victims is reported to have borrowed the motorbike and run away after the  incident
  ilahaka fra