Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Music Copyright Society of Kenya losing millions of shillings through
the sale of fake  music materials in the name of  CD re- write.
This is happening because MCSK and Copyright Board had not come
 out with out line on how to deal with fake music materials  which had
 flooded the streets of Nairobi
 Music Copyright Society of Kenya is just after chasing music users eg
 public cars and hotels giving chance to criminals to double musicians
 music without permission.
According to veteran musicians David Amunga fake music deals are
  earning more than original composers, because what they made a day
 is what poor Kenyans musicians ear ayear.
 Instead Amunga appealed to both Music Copyright Society of Kenya and
 Copyright Board to come up with solution, adding that unless action is taken
 musicians will remains poor'
  Young young and producers had engaged  in CD re writing of  famous
 musicians both local and regionally as music bodied remains toothless.
 Local musicians wants  re write of CD to me declared criminal and action
  taken  against offenders.
 Nairobi is now den of fake music material den with Kisumu city taking
 second position.
   Music are doubled in Nairobi and sold in Uganda and Tanzania majority
   of artist affected are famous Lingala musicians and regional gospel singers.
   According to Tanzania musicinas  fake music deals are strong like
 drug deals because they make profit like drug deals, while staying and
  expensive  places in Nairobi.
   Rose Muhando was chased at River road when she come face to face with
 criminals  doubling her songs  ready to be transported to Tanzania  while
    Price Julie threaten to strip naked in Kisumu city in front of  fake music deals.
      Some youth had opened offices at River Road dealing with fake music materials
     of re writing CD.