Monday, 9 March 2015


ra MP Ken Okoth had warn public Schools in the  area who recorded poor results in the just ended national examination that they will be held responsible in future if the don't improve.
 He pointed out that government through Ministry of Education is spending a lot of money to pay there salaries  and there is no reason why students should perform poorly in examination.
 Mr Okoth was speaking at Laini Saba ground when he represented bursary  to the need students in the area    and promised that no need students will miss school for luck of fee.
 At the same time appealed to private Schools in the area to make sure that they employ experienced teachers with the major objective of improving performance, warning that action will be taken against those who are just after money.
 He give example of the famous Olympic Primary School, Old Kibera and other  public Schools in the area who used to perform well but currently they no longer produce best students and yet teachers are being paid well by the Ministry
  Okoth warns teachers from those public Schools that unless they improve  he will lead parents to call for there transfer in order for exam to improve.
  The Mp call come with outcry from parents and members over poor performances by  private Schools in the area in the just  released examination results.
 The parents claims that results of private Schools in the area  especially  of girls are shameful and called on the Ministry to probe the affected Schools whose management and teachers cannot be trusted.
 At the same time Okoth appealed to    villagers to prefer family planning so that they can gain from government  funding adding that  school going children are still hovering in the slum and yet education is free.