Monday, 23 February 2015


 Oxford University trained historian Wambui Kamiru had  started to  use art in documenting Kenyan history since colonial era.
 The historian turned artist  is currently staging an art installation  exhibition at Kuona trust art studio in Nairobi,
Speaking during the official launching ceremony Wambui termed art as the only easy way of documenting human history in the modern society of social net working.
She pointed out that time had come for Africa Kenya being included to re write there on history adding that majority of existing historical  books were were written and published with by Scholars with colonial interest . adding that true Africa history  is in the minds of locals.
The exhibition which traces Kenyans from  early 1900 is likely going to open new chapter in the World of historical documentation given that the field had been dominated by giants like Prof Maina wa Kinyattai,  Prof Ogo . Wanguhu Ngaanga, Prof  Mwanzi among others.
 Wambui is  a mixed media artist who paints her observation on life, politics and love tops.
 She hold an MSc in African studies with a focus on Kenya history from the University of Oxford