Saturday, 21 February 2015


Top University dons had blamed problem facing the Country on education system which is not empowering youth to become job creators and social citizenship
Lead by Dr Mbugua wa Mungai  Kenyatta University, Dr Kimani  Njogu Twaweza Communication, Dr George Gona University of Nairobi, Prof PLO Lumumba Kenya School of Law Dr Per Wakesa Kenyatta University said that most Kenyans luck social responsibility and no-longer behave like people who had gone to School,
They were speaking on  friday night at German Culture Center in Nairobi during the launch of new book Re Membering Kenya Vol.3 which is a joint  Scholarly project between Kenyan scholars and supported by German government through German Culture Center in Nairobi and Ford Foundation
The Scholars warns that unless Education system is changed it will zoom to produce criminals with no knowledge of economy building and  other social life which are the main pillar of developing Countries like Kenya.
The regretted that instead of Kenyans contributing to national development among them economy they are stealing the few which we have and ends up  building gap between the rich and the poor.
 Prof Lumumba who was the chief guest accused Kenyans for electing criminals to parliament  and start crying when things went wrong  because they luck knowledge during voting period.
 The don termed tribalism as Kenyan enemy  number one and give example of the closer of  Eldoret  University as shame of 21 Century, because the reason was that the head is from another  region
 The do noted that in academia there is no tribe but Prof are the same given that education is universal
 Prof Lumumba warns that no court will force any University to allow  students who had not performed well in examination. adding that students who performed bad in English Language cannot make good lawyer