Tuesday, 10 February 2015


         Writer Francis Ilahaka turned  Urban Agriculture promoter left explain  a point
           about  a tall Sukuma wiki at his Raiwalyline Garden in Nairobi to a local farmers
         West fruits and  vegetables are used to grow vegetables  which are health
         and among the tallest in Langata area.
         As the sukuma zooms to grow those who are short will be forced to use stool
         to harvest something which is not common with other farmers who
          uses chemical and fertilizer
          The tall sukuma which is taller than  the  owner is product of waste fruits and
          vegetables while eggs shells are used to make its stem strong among others
          but no  chemical  is used.
         Railwayline Graden plans to stage UIrban Exhibition featuring tallest
         sukuma in order to know who owns the tollest Sukuma in Langata and Nairobi
            area among Urban  farmers