Thursday, 12 February 2015

Vegetables pest and disease

Pest and disease find easy  to attack because they are grown in a very large numbers within a confined space. Crop rotation helps to keep problems to a minimum, but there are certain pests which attack a wide range of crops and these can be controlled in numerous way.
 Aphids, Greenfly black fly and there relatives some which are pinkish red in co lour
  are easily killed by spraying with a specific aphicide which will not harm ladybirds, lacewings bees among others
While doing so it is very useful to read instructions on the cover per recommended on the container.
 Slugs can be killed by poisoned bait placed under propped up tile or slate adjacent to susceptible plants. the slug pellets need to be replenished when they become wet and soggy and should always be kept out of reach of animals.
If pets and garden animals are felt to be at risk slug traps should be constructed, sink an old yogurt carton into the soil, its rim level with the surface and fill with beer, the following morning empty out the slugs and snails which will have crawled in overnight and died in the heady brew.
 When it comes to birds  avoid poisoning  them but just cover the plants completely with plastic papers netting held over a framework of canes, this is because some spray on birds  will last longer
 There are also some  traditional way of keeping your vegetable garden healthy away of chemical one of them is crop rotation and using plants to treat  pest eg onion and flowers with strong perfume
 Using  plants to  treat pest is not new to farmers in Africa and Asians Countries and Countries like Peru among others.
 For example in Western Kenya not only farmers use plants to treat pest but also fishermen use them to fish, the major problem is that since there is no much documented information some farmers use plants to treat pest without there knowledge
 Francis ilaha