Tuesday, 30 December 2014

South African musicians are ahead of Kenya in using music for culture promotion

         Majority of local musicians are unable to promote Kenya culture both on
         local and international scene using music and yet music is the lonely easy
         way of promoting our culture.
          Going through tapes which had flooded local market there is nothing to
            do with Kenya culture due to one way or another and something needs
            to be done today and not the other day.
          The first issue is the code of dressing given that  some of our so called
          top musicians are wearing  Western costumes while on the stage something
           which is not common with other African musicians eg South Africa and
           and West Africa.
          For those who had attended  Culture Festival in Cape Town South Africa
            will agree with me that Kenyans have  long way to go as culture promotion
              is concern because in Cape Town costumes and code of dressing will tell
              you that this is South Africa music.
             Apart from that drums and other instruments are fantastic  while Kenyans
             had forgotten that they play Nile music
              In order to guide local musicians apart from music policy dress policy
               should also be taken seriously.