Monday, 29 December 2014

Triki Culture Festivals staged in Hamisi Western Kenya

         Tiriki of  Western Kenya staged the first ever Tiriki Culture Festival
         in Hamisi Vihiga County.
          The events which was being staged for the first time attracted culture
           lovers who turned up to cheer the Tiriki which   still respect there
           culture diversity even that most Luhya feared some of them life
           boys cut.
           The events was partly supported by Vihiga County boss Moses
             Akaranga who had seen the needs to promote Tiriki dying culture
                which is very interesting.
               Among the common one Tiriki man is not allowed to enter into cooking
              place or eat any food that had  dropped down.
              Akaraga had  promosed to make Titiriki Culture events annual festival
               with the major objective of giving members chance  to exchange views
                 during Xmas and new years festivals