Monday, 20 June 2016


Over 80 families were left homeless over the weekend when thieves sate blaze  there structures on fire in Kibera slum  after robbery attempt fails
     According to the villagers the group broke into the house when there owner was away during weekend and carried avery thing everything away forcing awoman to rise alarm  which angared them to sate the structures on fire.
 The fire whose  substance was not yet estableshed razed the building to ground destroying properties worth thousands of shilling but no serious injury was reported.
 It is belived that the youth were targetting boda boda ride who oparate from city center Mr Isack Nyamau who was away during the incident which shovked line saba residence and it was his wife who rise the larm.
 Speaking to the media and the scene who said that he was away but his wife tried to make acall provocking the thief to sate structures on fire and that it was for the second time in  there effort to take hise boda boda.
 He added that on realizing his wife was making acall inside they shouted mjinaga mbona wapiga simu mutakufa wote as they sate blaze.
 The  mid  night fire in the area was the second in the span of two weeks   last wek there was fire in the area.
The area  MC Mourice Akuk visited the area  and donated Ksh 20,000 to the victims whose properties were  consumed by fire and the most affected were School kids  who books were note spared.
 Speaking at the venue Mr Akuk appealed to the  villagers  to flatten some of there structures in order to pave way for road  so that fire engine  can get through during the fire, because during last night fire the engine arrived on time but no road.
 He also condemend the incident and appealed to the villagers to report the  suspects in the area to police officers.