Tuesday, 8 March 2016


            Strange marriage  of women marrying men is taking Nairobi city by storm with numerous men getting hooked
 Even though cases of men getting married to  old women is not  new in Nairobi this time around the marriage  had taken new  twist  with young girls getting involved
 Such marriage was  only common in Kibera and Kawagware in the late 90s today is had been scattered at numerous parts of the city
The marriage is un Africa because ones you are married to   she can bring another man and give you off to join other men. Mama anakwambia shika hii Ksh200  enda ukatembeee nina mugeni.
 According to men who had ones married to men  claimed that they are given domestic jobs of taking care of children and washing clothe among others.
 Even though Scholars are yet to tell as why men are getting married but it is believed that some women marry men for security reason while rich women marry to have friendship with the major objective of avoiding loneless 
Such  marriage comes to public when the late freedom fighter Wamboi  married youthful  Mbugua in colorful wedding which attracted local media since then numerous men including politicians are     getting married to women.
 In the late 90s Japanese women invaded National Theater in Nairobi and marry off local traditional dancers whom they take  back home in Japan before chasing them away.
 Currently young girls including students in high institute of learning are on the front line of marrying  young  boys even snatching other women husbands who are rich.
 This kind of marriage is affecting both education performances among young girls because such marriage is not peaceful  ones the girls start to date  other men as they call  it  Ameweka Dume kwa nyumba.
 It is believed that some women are using witch craft to attract men who forgot about there families and come to live with them.
 Both society and Church had kept silent on such marriage of women marrying men in the Country.