Wednesday, 16 December 2015



With few days to xmas and new yars eve Nairobi women are crying over loneless as economical hardship  ranges.
 According to Nairobi women  long Xmas and new years festivals had always been hard to them  due to one reason  or another.
Agood numbers of Nairobi women depends on other women husband who always return to rural  area for xmas and new years festivals and there after save more money for School fee and farming  especially for those from luo Nyanza and Western Kenya.
This time around they dont wants to talk to us because they are heading home to there families  to spend xmas and new years   with there families living as alone on the street of  Nairobi.
Also most affected are the so called Mipango ya kando who are left in the city kuhanya hanya na kunyonga bei,because they are like netless birds of Sahara  deserty  ndege za jagwani.
Those  also crying are Nairobi street sex workers because the city  will be  empty  and the only way is to cry and shout for customers dont  go home with money live as with something, price is down kumenyonga bei.
 Going around Nairobi streets  young and old  women      are half naked  at night  announcing cheap sex because money owners are heading to there families or busy planning for there feture in the city.
 The some is in the slum because majority of women are single and depends on other women  husband who had gone back to there families living them in the city even without paying house rent.
 A single women in Kawagware who did not wants to be named said she married aman hoping that  he wa slso single but the hell had  gone back to the family, Niliweka mwanaume nikifikilia kwamba bibi yake amekufa ama ana famili lakini ameenad  nyumbani.
  It is the same to young girls who thought that Nairobi men work to them paying everything for them even if they are also working.
 One of them fresh from School told me that they have gone back home to there families living as alone, comes  new years they will be back to us.
  Truely most men return to there families during Xmas holidays and new years and after that pay school feee followed by money for farming ,living sex workers and mipango ya kando to starve.