Tuesday, 8 December 2015


 National Museum of Kenya had embarked on documenting Kenyan art history dating back to 600 years.
 Speaking at Nairobi Gallery during art workshop National Museum of Kenya curator Lydia Gavula said the project which had been going on for over two years will  so National Museum of Kenya producing abook on Kenyan art history  dating back 600 years.
She pointed out that the new book will be useful for both scholars, art collectors artist and students of art  who had been using books by Western writers.
The book will include primitive art rock art and among others which are rich in culture diversity which is useful for youth.
 Kenya is known internationaly as the home of first man following series of discovery in Turkan by famous scholars Dr Richard Leakey among others who had pu the name of this Country in World map.
According to Lydia the book is being researched by displinery Scholars who understand art history. and issued  Kenya book lover to be ready to buy the historical book when it is out.
 The project of coming out with 600 years old book on art history is among the series of project by National Museum of Kenya with the major objective of maintaining Scholary value, which is the role of any National Museum around the World.
 At the same time she added that very soon the goverment will  established the long awaited National Gallery.
  The art workshop at Nairobi Gallery was staged by National Museum of Kenya with the major objective of keeping artist well informed and was addressed by top art Scholars who include Dr Elkana Ongesa among others and the end  product will be joint art exhibition by artist who attended.