Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Nairobians will now  enjoy new  brand of coffee following the opening of Point Zero joint this week.
Point Zero at Nairobi Gallery formely old PC building will offer Kiambu Coffee and numerous snacks  at affordable price   according to one of the joint founder Andrea Moraa.
Speaking during the official opening she said that they will be offering true Kenyan coffeee with Kenyan name and one of them being Kiambu Coffee among others.
Nairobi Gallery which house the late Kenyan second VP Joe Murumbi becomers among the first Gallery to offer  coffee to mostly  art lovers. collectors promoters and artist.
The official opening was spiced with music and numerous entertainment among them stro telling and also the official opening of the latest art exhibition by former Makerere University lecture John Odochameny and Peter Elungat.
Speaking during the events Murumbi Trust Chairman Allan Donovan said that apart from Coffee Point Zero will introdue Point Zero jam which will be music by local  jam whose music will be rooted on local culture like the famous African Heritage Band founded by international musician Ayub whose music are based on Luo traditional.
 He said that Nairobi Gallery being home of African heritage there is need to promote African Culture one of them being Point Zero jam.among others, adding that after viewing art work among them  the late Murumbi collection one can enjoy Coffee or tea  as the band perform sweet music.
 At the same time appealed to  Nairobians to visit Point Zero adding that  will be the only easy way to promote  the newly opened joint.
 Apart from music the joint will be introducing other activities whose najor objective is to promote Coffee drinking among them drinking competition among other actvities related to coffee.