Wednesday, 21 October 2015


  Residence of Kibera slum had been enjoying free entertainment by young men old and  women suspected to be crazy following the closer of there drinking joints in the slum.
 The victims who needs  medical attention are known of doing crazy things  which include crying oe the time refusing to eat, bath among other  related fun activities related traditional berer addict.
 Those mostly affected are former customers of Laini Saba Makutano beer and traditional drink den which were closed and destroyed following goverment  war on careless drinking.
During the historical rain over 50 small joint were closed  at Laini Saba Makutano street living the customers with nothing to do but to become crazy and residence are worried that unless any5hing is dome Kibera Laini Saba will become home of crazy and madness.
 The victims report at the venue in the morning and rest on the hot air  only smoking and doing crazy things without eating , untill when bars open late in the day for them to  become active after taking some glass of Seneta according to villagers.
 The villagers complain that the victims make alot of noise  which inlude crazy fighting and unirating  without fear.
  Hawa jamma wamekua crazy baada ya kukosa pombe wanalia na kukujoo mbele ya watoto   asema mama mmoja  the goverment should do something.
   It is believed that some victims sleep at the venue only wakes up when the taste at list aglass.
  Some of them dont wash there clothe and even refuse to talk to family members because they are shortly out of minds. because they cant re call there family members.
 The most affected are young girls because they are being raped by young men and it is feared that the deadly killer HIV and AIDs may spread in the area.
  Last week there was drama when ayoung man carried his wife on the back after running away from there home, Alimufunga mikono na Kamba na kumubeba handi yumbani huko akisema kwamba ameruka na kichwa.
  According to the area chief Patrick Andira the number is so bing and the only way is to take them to rehabilitation center.