Wednesday, 16 September 2015

kenya top scholars wants Kenyan second VP late J.Murumbi book on set books

Top Scholars wants the goverment through Ministry of education to add the newly published late Joseph Murumbi book on history  books in our Schools.
 Lead by Director General National Museumof Kenya Dr K.  Muzalendo and Justice Ibhrahim said that the late Kenya second Vp played agreat role in both history and politics of this Country and the lonely way to honor him is by introducing his book in our Schools.
They were speaking at  Nairobi Gallery during the official launching were Ibrahim presented chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga who was out of the Country.
Muzalendo noted that the only easy way of introducing youth and the current politician to Murumbi politician tuned  culture promoter is to allow students study his book which is now availbale at the leading  bookshops,
The book which was launched recently was   drafted by the late Murumbi him  self during his life time.
 Muzalendo promose that National Museum of Kenya is ready to support ant project on Murumbi with the major objective of tracing him because he was among the great  poltician and art collector of out time.
 The late Murumbi and Alan  founded the famous Afrixcan Heritage which is among most phoptographen  house in this region.