Tuesday, 8 September 2015


   Anew film  life tracing the famous Kaloreni in Nairobi  is coming out soon according to veteran  journilist and writer  Gweno.
  The writer who founded  Kenya respected weekly The Weekly Review told media that his doughter B, Gweno is behind the film which is very important to youth who dont understand the history of Kaloreni and Nairobi.
My doughter is working on the film he told media in Nairobi last Sunday during the official launching of Kenya second VP the late Joe Murumbi.
Kaloreni is common known to be the host of top personality bothin sports, politics and music among others.
It was the home of the late Tom Mboya, Obama S the father of Us President Barrack Obama, the late Uganda President Obote, musicians  Nzenze, Kabaka, Fahilli Wlliams, Football Noah Wanyama whose ffotball stars sons were born there, former Nairobi Mayor John  Aladwa, boxer Ndolo to name few.
 AFC Leopards was also formed there as well as  Music Copyright Society of Kenya according to former society boss  CDM Kiratu among other actvities.
 The famous twist dance mooted by the late Twist King the late Kabaka was first danced there, Mangelepa, Super Mazembe among others  who are Who in Kenya music and East Africa.
 Apart from that the high riding National News paper first newsroom was based at the old Post Office and that time the paper was Kiswahiri own by Aluo man,
 According to historical background which can being  re constrated most political  activities were held there and the forthcoming film is nothing more thatn historical but historical noted Gweno.
When former Prresident Mwai Kibaki who contesting for Bahati seat Kaloreni was his meeting post.
 The late Jramogi Odinga and  Achhengi Oneko also used to meet there given that most Luo who works at the Railway used to meet there from the nearest Makongeni.
  Gweno doughter had already interviewed  top personalities among them musicians because her major objective is to come out with true pictureof Nairobi.
   This is for the first time Akenyan is working on  one of Nairobi  well known place film.