Friday, 24 April 2015


  A woman and two children last night perish in Kibera slum when fire razed there house  during heavy rain
In another incident a child was drown  into the badly polluted Nairobi dam this morning while playing with  other children.
 According to the villagers the woman salonist at Kenyatta market perish while trying to save her children who were sleeping in another room on ground floor
The fire broke out during heavy rain last night and it was difficult for the villagers to respond on time and there bodies were badly destroyed.
 The woman who was sleeping up rushed down to save her children but was overcome d by heavy smoke before being razed together with two children.
 Out of three children the  husband managed to   move out of iron sheet storage house with one child, but on  receiving the news of his wife and children death he fainted and later rushed to hospital.
 Two  of the kids who died belongs to her sisters according to villagers who talked to the media.
  The incident attracted  villagers among them her customers  at Kenyatta market who feared to move near the bodies.
 In  of residence being razed by fire in Kibera slum is becoming normal as electrical hawkers are blamed
 At Nairobi the  child was playing with other children when he was  fail into the dam    which is polluted  while the other  side had been turned into Urban Farming Garden.
  By mid day villagers were still looking for his body as villagers are told to keep away from the dam which is dangerous during rain