Friday, 13 March 2015

Most Kenyans mostly youth luck information on farming

              Like any farm around the Country  Nairobi Urban Farmers
              luck information on  modern farming
               It is wrong to teach  you fresh from School how to plan
              vegetables who to plant vegetables and yet such
              subject is supposed   to be apart of primary School
              subject like it used to be during the time of Kenyatta and Moi
             In order for Kenyans to understand Farming and Urban Farming
            agriculture should be taken seriously in Schools. given that Schools
            are foundation of knowledge.
            Currently Nairobi County is using a lot of money  to teach you
             how to grow vegetables because they subject is ignored in Schools
            and by community.
             Time had come  to introduce gardening in Schools and in , slums and
            estate  so that youth can grow up greener