Tuesday, 3 February 2015


 No garden is perfect and however hard you try to grow pest and disease free plants, sooner or later your cherished beauties are going to be attacked by some beast or blight  that does its best to wipe out your good work
 If you and your plants are to survive the onslaught  them something has to be done to combat the enemy.
 By far the  best protection at your disposal is common sense coupled with observation. With the wide range of chemicals available in the gardener nowadays, it is easy to develop a sense of hypochondria and to storm out into the garden with  a sprayer at the first sign of a greenfly While prevention is better than cure., the wise gardener will consider carefully his action rather than rushing like a wild animal to wards problems.
 If chemicals are found to be the only solution, the most appropriate product  should be sought out and applied in accordance with the manufactures  instructions for better.
 Really common diseases like rose mildew and blackspot are almost bound to recur year after year and it is sensible to spray the plants even before the diseases appear with the major objective of preventing them gaining a foothold. Other less widespread pests and diseases need be tickled only when they start to get out oh hand, but some are so vicious that instant remedial between minor problems and disasters.
 It is very useful for farmers to be well versed with modern farming technology eg Urban Farming in which gardening  is classed
 If chemicals are used as last resort then gardening techniques must come first. Grow your plants well if they have plenty food light and water they are better equipped to shrug off pest and diseases attacks that weak plants that are starved and thirsty
 When pest disease problem  baffles you don't be afraid to ask for advice
 local experts among them gardening are there to help you given that some of them are knowledgeable
Majority of farmer  luck information on most common pests. diseases and disorders which is known on flowers, fruits and vegetables which can be located.
Weather you grow fruits vegetables or flowers the preparation of the ground they are to grow in is vitally important.
 Always dig new soil thoroughly removing weeds large stones and any builders debris, Nearly all plants will benefit if some kind of organic enrichment is incorporated into soil.
Serious  farmer use well rotten garden   compost manure spent hops spent mushroom compost as last resort,  peat mixed with a little general fertilizer to help it rot down and to improve is nutrient value
 Not that few plants will grow in soil that is waterlogged or excessively shaded so make sure that drainage is  efficient and light adequate.
 Support Urban Farming to increase food and vegetables production, in any case there is also Kids Garden if you introduce them to gardening they grow greener.
                     Francis Ilahaka for Railwayline Vegetable Garden
                       his Urban Farming exhibition h