Tuesday, 3 February 2015


          Majority of Nairobi old book sellers luck importance information on the
          trade and ends up promoting the sale of fake books.
          Even though the sale of old books is old trade what is happening on Nairobi
         street is criminal offense which needs to be   tickled by both  Nairobi
         County government and Association of Kenya Publishers in order for the
         trade to move smoothly and become profitable
         Instead of selling old books naked as they are the hawkers normally
          re park the old books with plastic papers and sale them to members of
         the public like new books.
         Just imagine buying  a book with missing pages and those  stamped and stolen
          which is against the law of book trade, thanks to School which had 
           had advised there students against buying stamped books which  are
          suspected to be stolen
          Hawkers should stop re packing old books or move from the street of
          Nairobi because they are supposed to be open so that  buyers
          should know which ones are stolen materilas