Wednesday, 12 November 2014


         Nairobi urban farmers luck modern farming  even after the introduction of urban farming
         by  Nairobi  County government
        Like in the past when city askari used to uproot plants nothing had be improved because
        majority of farmers are old men and women. whose produce cannot attract market due
        to one way or another.
        Every former is on his own still using old method which lead to poor productivity just for
        his family to few to sale at his door.
        This is happening when Nairobi County government  had employed officers  who spend
         most of there time playing games at Nyayo house instead of guiding those poor farmers
         at there farms.
        Example of poorly managed farms is Kenyatta market who produce are poor even though
        suitable to urban farming.
        Majority of the farmers said that they had never seen agriculture and they cannot afford
          fertilizer and seeds hoping that one day Nairobi County  will remember them.
         If Kenyatta farmers can work in groups under agriculture officers  they can produce
         enough for sale and domestic use, given that with information they  can use waste
          vegetables and fuits to grow as well as produce there own seeds under community
           seeds production