Thursday, 13 November 2014


    Music by Kenyans old musicians of the late Daudi Kabaka and Fadhilli Williams are still
    popular both on local and international scene many years since they were produced.
    Western Scholars are still interest in those music because they are rich in culture and
    reflect day to day activities in the society during those  days
    Before theredeath music by Daudi Kabaka, Achieng Kabasselah,  and Fahilli Williams were
    among  highly paid musicians as far as royalties in concern even though they died poor.
   The three were followed by Fundi Konde, David Amunga, Kamaru Joseph, Gabiel
   Omolo to name few
  According to music experts good composed music always turn to be classic given that
   they promote them selves because they are rich in culture.
   For example when David Amunga composed Take me Back to Africa the late Tom Mboya
   awarded him with anew suit because he thought that Amunga was coming back from
  abroad but it was work of imaginative and creativity while for Kabaka his songs are
   being used by Prof  of music  at one of Japan University.
  Another great figure in Kenya music is John Nzenze who was among the first Kenyan
   to perform to sailors in a ship due to his creativity and slow motion songs which made them
  awake during the journey in water  the journey
 Of late Scholars had be flocking to Kenya to look for roots of those musicians with
 the major objective of recording Kenya music