Monday, 17 November 2014

Kenya power and lighting company miss death in Kibera slum Nairobi

 Kenya power and lighting Company technician  missed death over the weekend
 when he  disconnected  live wire in Kibera slum Nairobi
 The technician was among  those working in Kibera under slum upgrading when
 the incident happens  as his workmate hopeless watch.
 According to the eye witness the victims was up on the pole with his  workmate
  when his hand comes in contact with live wire.
 The victim cried for over 4 minutes  in pains as both his workmates and members
 of the  public watch, he was alter rescued and rushed to hospital, the incident put
  Kenya Power and Lighting Company on spot for working on  poles when the power
  is on last Friday another technician fail down while working on the pole few meters
  and the weekend incident.
  Following the incident residence and area leaders appealed to Kenya Power and Lighting
  Company to make sure that there in emergency personals and stand by van in-case of i
 accident  as  up grading of power in the slum zooms because weekend victim was taken
 to hospital on Lory
Majority of  technician  upgrading power in Kibera are students without experience