Monday, 6 October 2014

The late King of Twist Daudi Kabaka and David Amunga fathers of classic in Kenya

           The late Kenya musicians King of Twist Daudi Kabaka and David among are among
           great musicians of our time considering there creativity

      The two musicians songs will remains classic in the years to come because they reflects Africa    traditional composition based on the past and the future. When among composed take me back to
 African the late Minister of planning Tom Mboya bought  him a suit      and Kabaka made  history
of refusing to have a joint production with the late Franco
 While his songs are being used in Universities in Japan for students interest in African music which is
 a good achievement according to Prof Henry Indangasi of University of Nairobi he comes across a Prof
using Kabaka songs at one of Japan University.
For him  David Among one of remaining active members of Baraza la Wazee he is the only musician who
 had never performed in a hotel, according to him paraprofessional musicians are not supposed to perform
 in hotel while people are eating later to be given cold food and few coins but instead they should compose best selling to become classic
Apart from that Amunga is among the founding members of Music Copyright Society of Kenya which he
 founded with Kabaka, John Nzenze and the current director of MCSK Nairobi County CDM Kiratu