Wednesday, 8 October 2014

sccience Cafe to grace exhibitions on Family Farming and Nature the 34 wonders of the World at F.C.C Nairobi

Amongst the 570 million farm in the World 500 million are run by families, The UN General   Assembly   declared 2014 the international year of family framing as part  of a global campaign to reinforce awareness and support for family farmers
  Can small scale farmers feed the World that is nagging question that World leaders should be asking the
For  this matter Alliance Francaise de Nairobi will next week from 14 to 31 October stage  exhibition of posters on Family Framing an asset for the planet and Nature the 34 Wonders of the World which is the project of  French Agency for Development Nairobi regional office to give hand with Kenyan terminolgy
Iwill  exhibit garden in the suck under Urban farming
The exhibition is the result of Railwaline Garden in Langata which  i have founded with the major  objective of promoting the eating of traditional vegetables and urban farming
The exhibition on urban farming features numerous vegetables among them sukuma wiki,  tomatoes onions among others.
During   the colorful function to be held under Science Cafe  screening of two FAO film documentaries on Family Farming  are on card followed by
    a panel discussion What is the family farming and why do we need to promote it by Mr Robert Allport Deputy FAO representative in Kenya