Thursday, 8 December 2016



     Alarm is sounded in Nairobi over students  selling  there books following examination  results which was announced recently.
   They are reported to be selling both text books and related materials to hawkers in main  Nairobi  streets and slum in order to generate money to play games and other activities which needs money.
Following the development Schools heads are warning parents against buying stamped books because they will not be excepted   when Schools re open next  month because they are stolen books.
At the same books hawkers and other  dealers had been also been  warned against buying them because they will not be spared.
A parent  who did not wants to be named said that  his children went into book selling spree recently selling each other books including those belonging to there former school.
Student selling  and burning  education materials after  examination is common in Nairobi and other parts of the Country.
This time around those buying books from students will face the law ones caplain s are lodged against them because it is criminal offence to sale and buy stolen books