Wednesday, 19 October 2016


    There had been cases of former street boys burning there new blankets after being fished from the streets and given new homes.
  The trunths that they are used of burning old papers and plastic at night while on the streets and according to children homes owners it took them so long to be used  of normal life  of covering themselves at night with blankets.
 The same goes to animals like pigs because you cant take them to clean green place if you do so they will return to there normal life in dirty place.
 Kibera residence who were re located to new Railway house few month ego had  rented them to out siders and returned to the slum because they are used to flying toilets.
 According to the villagers they are renting the new house  between Ksh 4,000 and 6000 later to return to the slum and yet the Railway authority had warn them again renting the house.
Recently some of them are now homeless  following fire which razed some part of the slum recently.
 Just imagine being given free Railway house for only Ksh 80 per month and renting it and the following day your properties are razed by fire.
  According to administrater who did not wants to be named said Kibera residence needs education and awarness about the importance of new house before being given because they are used to dirty house and that is why they are renting them or selling them  to return back