Wednesday, 5 October 2016

7th Internationa Nitrogen Conference to be held in Victoria Australian from 4th to8th December 2016

The annual 7th edition of International Nitrogen Conference will be held on 4th to 8th december in  Victoria  Austrialia\
The events who theme is Solution to improve nitrogen use afficiency for the World aims to address The Nutrient Nexus of reducing nutrient isues while producing food and energy for all of our human family.
Victoria forum will bring together top brain in the field of agriculture and science and is coming at the time when humanity is facing food shortage  due to claimatical channge and rising population among others,
During the meeting which will start with series of workshops related to the forum there will be tours at horculture farm fertilizers  wirth the major objective of giving  visitors chance to  understand the  imporatnce of the meeting.
Apart from that there are line up of lectures by top dons lectures and experts from or over the World among the Prof Xiuoyuan  Yau from Institute of Soil Science Chines Academy of Schience among others