Wednesday, 21 September 2016


        The term sponsor  which was ones respected in the society and used  when students get sponsorship for high education is now being used for moririty in Nairobi.
       Currently when  young people   talk about sponsor they are   or about  private rich lovers who provide everything there is just  sexual needs.
    The trunth is that   sponsorship had invaded  the society controbuting to morality among the youth  in schools contrubuting to poor performances in school and morality.
 In other words sponsor means old women marrying young boys who are poor or young girls marring poor youth  including there  classmate. and ones  one becomes your sponsor then  you becomes his   sexual slave and other home respnsobility including washing under wear.
 There have been cases of  women and young girls contacting which doctors in order to make sure that they retain there sponsor. and ones  whichcraft had been used  one can even stay indoors for many days without going out provided he eat and perform sexual act.
Some young girls had went  a sfar to have more than two sponsors eg the one who pay house rent school fee among others and ones they are descavered they can even be killed  by rival sponsors.
Ayoung man who did not wants to be named said his sponsor was rich women who did  not give him any money but his duty was sexual act, eat and drink forcing him to return to his wife.
Politicians are also known of   sponsoring dozen of men and women because they have money at hand.
Even though sponsorship is not new in the society because Kawagware women are known of marrying men this time around  the traditinal had taken anew pick in the name of sponsor.
It is is believed that ones the sponsor sit on chapati  alas kalia chapati you cannot go home even you hide inside the bed when relatives visit you.
 Just imagine  aman taking care of children and washing under wear when the sponsor is away and coming to tell you go and drink  i have  avisitor   even men of God church leaders are among the sponsors.