Thursday, 22 September 2016


     Parents in Langata and other parts of Nairobi are worried by numbers of schools going boys who  are now sellings used mental.
   The boys had found easy way of getting those materials following the ongoing slum uprading in Nairobi which they sale to dealers for quck money which they use to buy cell phones and spend the rest in video and betting.
 According to worried parents the boys hover around where old building are being constructed o rdemolished in order to get  waste timbers and iron sheet to sale instead of going to school.
Some of those kids had become rich  than there parents on the term of dairy earning and they nolonger respect them.
Part from iron sheets some people in Kibera slum are throwing away there old household items as they head to new  Railway house or  Soweto Kibera Phase one under slum upgrading.
It is reported that some happy  people are dumping items which  are still in use as those boys fight for them and sale to old items dealers in the slum and to those who still needs them.
 Every morning and late in the night villagers are seen dumping old items including beds and clothe saying they nolonger needs them  because of bad omen in new house.
 They parents now wants Nairobi County govement to take action because ones slum upgrading will be overthose kids will become dangerous to the society.