Tuesday, 13 September 2016


                        A plant that had been growing in fertile gardens in
                         Nairobi happens to be a class of orphan  Murenda
                         The plant had been growing for the past few years
                         at Railway line vegetable garden until last week
                          when it was spotted by Uganda students who visited
                           the garden last week
                           She told me that the healthy growing plant is Uganda
                           Murenda and good when cooked and mixed with
                           pumpkin leaves or  cow peas and can be
                            Later we  tasted the plant whose taste is good like
                            the normal pumpkin when cooked well
                            On Monday morning  a Luhya man visited the garden
                            told me it is  Masaai bush Murenda called in Kiluhya
                             Mutere  Ngombe and is good for mothers who are
                             breast feeding and also used to clean  blood when eaten
                              he added.
                               He added that the plant were eaten by Luhya before
                                Uhuru and also good for Masai cows.
                                The plant mighty  have been growing long time back
                                 in  Masaai bush but they never domesticate it because
                                 they are not vegetarian before being domesticated in
                                  Uganda and it is time to be domesticated  in Kenya.
                                    Railway line vegetable garden hopes to domesticate it