Wednesday, 24 August 2016

witchdoctor left his items at Langata politician strucrue in Kibera

      There was drama early this week as suspected witch doctor left some of his instruments at  a structure belonging to a Langata politician Tom  Ndeche in Kibera slum
 The items including animal horn was discovered by a villager  after the   witchcraft left the house at night without paying rent  according to the politician care taker
 The villager a woman  had just rented the house when she discovered the items forcing her to move before informing the villagers who flocked at the venue
The women claims that  after trashing the horn  she starts to fell strange felling forcing her  to run away from the house  which was ones the witch-doctor joint
  According to the care taker the witch doctor was from Kitui and had been  staying in the house for some  time but re located at night after  failing to attract customers
 The politician was informed  and was due to led the villager in destroying the said items by burning them.
  Tom Ndecho  fight for  MCA for  Highrise ward in Langata on Amani ticket of former Pm  Musalia Mudavadi