Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Ayoung woman over the weekend   drunk poison  after being hooked to Nigerian move in Kibera slum Soweto village.
 The woman who had been suspending the day long on Tv watching the deadly move and phonographic related materials  since she run away from her husband took  Rat and Rat before being discovered by the villagers who give her  first  Aid of eggs before rushing her to the nearest Mbagathi District hospital
 According to the villagers the  young woman suspend the day with other  women there after  went to the nearest Highrise to clean houses on to return   and took poison.
 Very interesting the woman took poison  before being paid  for her work of washing and cleaning the house in highrise the news which shocked the owner of the house  she washed
 The villagers told the media that they hand  loud  sound of Nigeria move as usual followed by cry help help from a girl she  was watching the deadly divorce co  phono move and when they entered into the house the found the victim  shacking and sweating on the  chair.
  She was rushed to Mbagathi district  hospital   where she was treated and allowed to go home but warns to take life easy or risk being arrested
 The incident comes at a time with outcry over youth mostly young women watching dangerous Nigerians moves  which are behind divorce and other kinds of criminal activities.
  First to rise the  Alarm was   Flim bos Ezakiel Mutua   but was  diminished  by the so called Kenyan critics and Scholars  who had taken over from journalist in major local medias