Tuesday, 19 July 2016


       Just merely one week since the official  opening of Kibera Soweto housing project under slum upgrading linking roof had been reported put the constructor EPCO on the spot over substandard  work
 To clear his image repair on the linking roof had started before short rain starts  in order to avoid worth of the owners and  embarrassment
 Rapair . of the roof starts on Monday  which so modern tiles being replaced by red iron sheet the work being done  by professionals meaning more money will be used because more up houses are reported to be linking
 The replacement of morden tiles had shocked both owners and villagers who thought that the tiles being removed will add beauty to the project which had put the slum on  international map.
 The repair comes barely few month when it  was reported that  some roof of the new houses are linking due to poor finishing  as the owners blamed the contractor EPCO for employing  cheap workers without any experience.
 Before the official opening of the housing it was reported that   a trunk  load with iron sheet was seen entering the venue late in the evening and yet the work on the project is over long time back and suspects that something is wrong said eyewitness who did not wants to be named,
 Since the projects starts works had been complaining over poor  payment which so many experienced ones moving to other constructors who pay well forcing EPCO to hire cheap workers who generated to linking roof.
 By the time of going to press more tiles were being  moved and replaced by  iron sheet while new owners are inside posing danger to there life according to contraction law which states that the building should be first finished before allowing people inside.