Wednesday, 6 July 2016



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          National youth service  clean up Kibera slum in Nairobi ahead of President Uhuru Kenyatta official opening of  Soweto Phase one housing unit under slum upgrading this friday.
       The  clean up had transformed ones flying toilet slum into modern estate  suitable for up class Kenyans.
The youth had cleared or  structures from Riara University leading to the venue of new morden building which are the cheapest in the city .
 The President is expected to perform the official opening of the unit and hand over keys to Soweto residence who had been waiting  for along period.
The news of hand over the houses to Kibera residence   took the residence by  suprice  as they praise the government  for coming to there aid at the time of need,
  Sound of Ngai ni Mwega and Nyase ni Mnene  was hand in the slum as the house owners jump and down ready to receive the key  which they termed as the gift of the year.
 The suffer are those who bought the card from the original owners given only  the original owners will be handed the keys to the house which are likely going to transform the slum which had turned into laughing matters by tourist who flock in to take photos.
It believed that some greedy  original owners sold there  Cards to rich people  the move which had been rejected by the government  who  maintain  the house are for the poor. 
The official opening by President Uhuru Kenyatta this friday is atrue picture that the government is  after improving the life of  slum people  who had been forgotten, apart from that youth will  be  get jobs as cleaners.
 Ones the new house are hand over to the owners flying toilets will be something of the past because the house are morden   with everything including solar in case of power blackout
 By last evening National Youth service  were still cleaning the slum as residence call upon the government to also clean and flash out those selling Changaaa at the nearest Uganda village
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