Thursday, 28 July 2016


    Nairobians will now be forced to  carry shopping basket while going for shopping or pay more for plastic papers following heavy tax introduced during this year budget on plastic papers.
 In the past  Nairobi housewives had made habit of just walking  to kiosk hoping every thing including cooking fat to be packed in thin plastic papers which are threat to environment
 Check up at most kiosk and shops in Nairobi  women are being asked to carry  basket because price of plastic papers had gone up. forcing shop owners to use few, apart from shops butcheries are also using few plastic papers
 According to few butcher owners  who spoke to media said they will no longer use more than two plastic papers on one customer adding that they should carry basket or there paper bag due to high price of plastic papers commonly used
 Butcheries normally uses over two plastic papers first one second news papers and the lat one for  holding something which should go  with history
 Most Nairobians especially in the slum uses over five plastic papers  a day for supper, one for sukuma, paraffin,tomatoes,meat, sugar and cooking fat and at the end of the day those plastic papers ends on the  dumping
 This new development means that women mostly young girls will  get used to preparing  sukuma themselves and carrying basket in order to avoid   using more plastic papers because mama mboga cannot afford them