Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Artist and former  music officials from Nairobi wants action taken against those dealing in fake music materials in order for the industry to be productive
 Lead by former  Music Copyright  Society of Kenya Nairobi branch CDM Kiratu said currently there is no discipline  in music which had lead to flooding  of fake music materials in the market while the creators dies poor.
He pointed out that Copyright Board has   a great role to play in controlling  the sale of  music by taking action at those who deal in fake materials but nothing is happening 
Currently musicians depends on live performance because sales had dramatically dropped  since fake music dealers had taken over the industry which had been taken into  joke.
Instead Kiratu him self musicians who belongs to twist generation appealed to both Music Copyright and Copyright board to team up with the major objective of bringing the  industry to order so that  creators should be respected adding that time had come for musicians to work with police and Nairobi County officers in order to deal with fake music dealers
He also appealed to Copyright Board to take action against CD re writing terming it as criminal offence which should not be happening in the Country
Kenya is now becoming gate way for fake music dealers in East Africa region given that  the dealers are  targeting popular artist whom they  double there music and sale them at  low price in order to make quick money.
  Musicians who are affected included Rose Muhando, Congolese stars like the late Franco and other classic local musicians like the late Daudi kabaka, Fadhilli Williams among others.
 Currently fake  tapes are salling at Ksh 50 and 70 instead of normal price of ksh 500, but in slums fake tapes goes at Ksh 30.
 The musicians also  wants calendar for music activities to be available so that Kenyans should no who is organizing such events because cases of musicians being conned had be reported