Monday, 11 July 2016


witchcraft related had struck Kigama village in Vihiga County as numerous youth becomes mad after finishing school
 At list after few meters their is a mad or confused youth who cannot contribute to the economy of the Country than drinking and hovering at the market place,
  The new development had worried parents and villagers who are now fearing for there children and also fearing to buy cars and build expensive house fearing bad eyes.
  Just imagine buying anew car which  ends on stones nor  creating  your own horrible death through road accident
  The bad eyes had not spared teachers who got confused after being employed and yet their parents use alot of money to educate them
   Apart from witching youth  fresh from School  school buses and private cars are not spared, example is friends school Kigama School bus which is no longer on  the road due to bad eyes.
   Currently drivers had feared  Friends School Kigama bus because they fear death given that the past drivers had died mysteriously  and there conductors get confused.
   Now the bus which is supposed to be on the road stay idle at the   School compound as drivers fear it